Auto Viewer  (DEPRECATED)


This extension is a wrapper for the AutoViewer Image viewer by Felix Turner.


AutoViewer is a Flash image viewer. AutoViewer is designed to display a linear sequence of images and captions. This extension for WYSIWYG Web Builder automatically generates all the necessary HTML code and data files for you!



Auto-Play allows you to view a gallery hands free.

Displays image captions and gallery title as a text overlay.

Intuitive image navigation via mouse.

Keyboard navigation (Spacebar, cursor keys, 'Home', 'End' keys)

Image pre-loading to prevent waiting for each image to load.

Lightweight (34k).

Cross platform - Windows/Macintosh/Linux (requires Flash 8 or higher).

Download (Last update: February 2, 2011)

Auto Viewer Extension



WYSIWYG Web Builder 7.1 or higher