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by schweppes
Thu Nov 28, 2019 11:33 pm
Forum: General Questions
Topic: page image wrong rotation
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page image wrong rotation

current version, add image to index in properties, select image, it upside down?

what's causes this

using latest build
by schweppes
Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:41 am
Forum: Showcase your website created by WYSIWYG Web Builder and invite feedback.
Topic: Photo Web site
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Re: Photo Web site

Great work, love it :)
by schweppes
Sat Jul 09, 2016 7:41 pm
Forum: Free Templates
Topic: Free Template Concept - REMOVED
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Re: Free Template Concept - commercial or non-commercial

thank you, it's really really good :)
by schweppes
Tue Feb 02, 2016 12:12 pm
Forum: Paid Templates
Topic: Power Your Cloud Responsive WYSIWYG Template
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Re: Power Your Cloud Template

great templates :)