WYSIWYG Web Builder 14.1 update!

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*** Current version: WYSIWYG Web Builder 16.0.2 ***
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WYSIWYG Web Builder 14.1 update!

Post by Pablo » Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:01 am

WYSIWYG Web Builder 14.1 is a major update. This version fixes known problems, adds new features and other improvements.
Thanks to all users for their feedback!

What's new in 14.1?
- Fixed: Extra quote in Overlay Menu
- Fixed: Line position in floating layers.
- Fixed: Issue with Replace ID 1234xxxxx to a1234xxxxx
- Improved: Added flexbox support to CMS View.
- Improved: 'Login Name' no longer shows a broken image when the avatar is not set.
- Improved: Rendering speed of layer/layout grid 'ondragover' highlighting.
- Improved: Implemented responsive text alignment for Heading, Editbox, Text Area and Label.
- Improved: Implemented responsive menu alignment for CSS menu, Breadcrumb, Pagination, Text menu, Overlay Menu and Responsive Menu.
- New feature: Added the possibility to set the maximum dimensions of the avatar image in login signup.
- New feature: Added alpha support to CSS Menu border color (menu items).
- New feature: Added 'alignment' property to Pagination menu.
- New feature: Added 'border width' property to Themeable Button.
- New feature: Added hard line-break support to Card text.
- New feature: Added 'full width' option to Horizontal Line. When set to false, the line can have a fixed width (instead of 100%).
- New feature: Added 'box shadow' to Heading object.
- New feature: Added 'text shadow' to Heading object.
- New feature: Added 'padding' to rollover layer (for use with floating children).
- New feature: Added the ability to add custom options to full page Carousel. For an overview of available options please visit: https://github.com/alvarotrigo/fullPage.js/#fullpagejs
- New feature: Added background overlay options to Flex Grid.
- New feature: Added the ability to use the Flex grid as a form (Properties->Form->Enable Form).
- New feature: Added 'Default breakpoint' template in Flex Grid editor. This option will apply the layout from the default breakpoint to the current breakpoint, so you do not have to redo it for all breakpoints.

How to update from previous 14.x versions?
1. Download the latest version here:
2. If you already have version 14.x you can install it in the same location as the previous version.

Advanced users can also download the updated files only here (no installer):