Timeline extension released (paid).

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Timeline extension released (paid).

Post by Pablo » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:41 am

Timeline Extension
This extension implements a responsive vertical timeline. A timeline is a component which can be used to display content in chronological order.
It's great for sharing a story of your projects or a roadmap of its development. For example: Company history, a project roadmap or a visual presentation of how your portfolio evolved.
Each timeline item can have a title, sub-title (for example: date), description, icon and a button link to another (more details) page. The timeline can be used in responsive layouts (with breakpoints) and layout grids.



More information:

The demo version can be downloaded via the Extension Manager (Menu->Tools->Extension Manager->Online Gallery->Navigation).

Purchase for only $7.95
https://secure.avangate.com/order/check ... T=1&CARD=1