ftp setup for Yahoo sites

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Michael LaBella
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ftp setup for Yahoo sites

Post by Michael LaBella » Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:53 pm

Hi all, i have bought the ftp upgrade for a complete setup. i talked to Pablo, he says there are lots who can use the program to manage their domains. so,, i need help cause i cannot get it to connect for publishing. the firezilla does just fine,, i copied all the info to the the setup and no good.. please help me, i am not really a programer.

Michael :?

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Re: ftp setup for Yahoo sites

Post by BaconFries » Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:22 pm

Ok haven't ever used Yahoo hosting but it shouldn't be any different from others.


1) Type: FTP with TLS/SSL(AUTH TLS-Explicit).
2) URL: ftps://yourloginID@yoursite.com@ftp.yoursite.com
3) Host: ftp.yoursite.com < < replace with your own.
4) Username: yourloginID@yoursite.com replace yourloginID with your own and yoursite.com with your own domain.
5) Password: The password you use to sign into your Yahoo account.
6) Remote folder: The path to the folder only you will know it if used.
7) Ensure you use passive mode for transfer is checked (ticked)

If something fails check Username: Password: URL: and Host: are correct. Also ensure any security software used has permission to access the internet and use FTPS as it may get blocked by it.

Please note this may or may not be right for you, as first mentioned I have never used Yahoo for hosting so it is only a rough guide. To be honest from being a member of the forum for around 10/11 years I think you are one of the first to ask about help with Yahoo hosting as others use the likes of to name two Godaddy, Hostgator for there needs.

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