Viewing Newly Uploaded Changes to your Web Pages

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Viewing Newly Uploaded Changes to your Web Pages

Post by gp2727 » Tue Mar 02, 2010 3:37 pm

Many times after uploading your files to your web host, your web pages do not reflect those changes made. You have to refresh your web page in order to see your newly uploaded data.
Your web browser will store in memory, usually on your hard drive, data from your web pages as you browse. This process of storing data speeds up loading of web pages and is referred
to as caching or being stored in cache. Each browser has a way of bypassing your cache and reloads a page completely.

Internet Explorer: Use the Control and F5 keys together or hold the Control key down and click the refresh icon in your browser.

Mozilla (Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Sea Monkey): Control and F5 together, or hold Shift key down and click the Reload button in your browser

Safari: Hold Shift key and use Reload button on the browser toolbar

Google Chrome: hit Ctrl+Shift+Del and check Empty the cache from the checkbox list and click Clear browsing data.

Opera: Use the F5 key or hold Shift and F5 keys down together

Konqueror: Use the F5 key or use the Reload key to bypass cache

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