Floating Footers and Master pages

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Floating Footers and Master pages

Post by Starb7 » Fri Sep 21, 2007 2:33 pm

Hi All,

While playing around with the WB4, came across a need to have a dynamically changing page depth. I have seen quite a number of posts and suggestions how how to do this by inserting HTML and having overlapping layers (which work well) but there is a much easier way to do this and I would like to explain how as it may not be so obvious and it might also clarify the usability of Master Pages.

If, like me, you though a Master Page was a fixed layout that you can just put behind a set of common pages then you are wrong (either that or Pablo has goofed on the usage ;-) and I have been lucky).

To try this out, create a new site and add a page, call is Master1 (or whatever) and put a graphic on it, shoving it up in the top left corner. Now, on the main page put a text field and then do an Insert master page and add the Master1 page. Now add another field and create a link to a second page. On the second page do the same again but this time insert the master page at the bottom (scroll down a bit if you like) of the page and add a link back to the first page.

Now preview the site and you will see that as you flick from one page to the other, the depth of the site will vary to suit with your Master1 page determining the bottom 'floating' page depth.

Also note, using the master pages feature like this also lets you have more that one master page and allows to you use the master page item more than one time on the same page as well as multiple master page item on one page.

Again, sorry if this is obvious but floating depths do seem to be a common issue! Hope the info helps.


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