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Post by Oshunweb » Sun Dec 13, 2009 7:16 pm

Fixed Position Object Extension *** Created 13 Dec. 2009 ***

I created this extension because I noticed all the available 'fixed object' extensions have very limited options.

This javascript will put a target div layer always at the same position in the opened window, whether window is scrolled up or down. Original script from

This is a free to use extension. Works on IE, Google Chrome and firefox, maybe more.

How To Use:

1) Unzip and copy all extension files to the WYSIWYG Web Builder program folder (5x up).
For 6x up, use extension manager.

2) Start the WYSIWYG Web Builder. For 6x, start WYSIWYG web builder first.

3) Drop the extension on your page to any place you like.

4) Edit the intuitive options included. The text and object, box border, Backbround color, box width, left adjustment in pixels (px) and top adjustment in pixels (px). It opens in the HTML edit box so what you can do is quite a lot.

Download link: ...
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