KD_imageflow+Lightbox -highly customized imageflow +lightbox

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KD_imageflow+Lightbox -highly customized imageflow +lightbox

Post by kostas_dak » Sat Dec 11, 2010 12:51 pm

I combine the imageflow and light box, write some javascript (~400 lines !!!)
and put alot of options

- Custom zoom on image click
- Enable / Disable auto zoom
- Custom text to close light box "click image to close" you can write it in your language
- Custom fade in speed !!!
- Enable / Disable to show photo description
- Custom frame background so you can fit it in your needs
- Custom scrollbar color
- Custom scrollbar pic
- Custom wiating massage if photos take long to load !!!!

Version 1.0

Download it from my ftp server:
user: wysiwyg - pass: wysiwyg
Filename : KD_Combobox.rar OR KD_Combobox.zip

Test it and post your opinions or suggestions

Dakanalis Kostas
VB, VB.net , C, C++, C# , PHP, Java, Javascript

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