Flash Slanted Banner Gallery *PAID*

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Flash Slanted Banner Gallery *PAID*

Post by bourin » Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:15 am

The Slanted Banner Gallery is a resizable image viewer prepared to fit as home page banner as well as product or portfolio gallery. The viewer contains more than 25 parameters to customize.

Main Features:
General Features:
• Resizable to any extent
• Can show unlimited number of images
• Can load JPG , GIF and PNG files.
• Adjustable spacing between columns
• Adjustable movement speed and direction with possibility to stop movement.
• Can show border (1 pixel thickness) with adjustable color and transparency
• The mouse over effect’s brightness can be adjusted
• The mouse over hand cursor can be enabled / disabled
• Enable / disable mouse drag navigation
• Mouse Wheel navigation
• Switch off expanded view to allow opening links directly by clicking columns.
• Adjustable title and description text size, color, margin, alignment, bg color, bg alpha
• Possible to show the text always
• Automatically resizes and centers the image to fill the area. Option to turn off this feature also available
• Option to show / hide “BACK” button
• Online Tutorial, start with http://www.mjh-software.org/wwb_slanted ... lery_2.php


Demo: http://www.mjh-software.org/wwb_slanted ... _demo.html
Info: http://www.mjh-software.org/wwb_slanted ... allery.php (german, some parts in english)

The Flash Slanted Banner Gallery based on activeden product http://activeden.net/item/slanted-banner-gallery/120151
You need for a running Extension version for WWB:
(1) The WWB Extension package - see also viewtopic.php?f=42&t=22942 - from us (11,90 €) +
(2) a Flash Slanted Banner Gallery "Regular Licence" from activeden ($12,00)
professional WWB extensions for tables, MySQL, Excel, e-commerce, measurement, gallery, file uploader, ... - produced from german and thai software engineers

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