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Login Demo video.

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 8:12 pm
by Eddy
Login Demo video.

Or download de video.

FAQ -How to create a user database for the login tools?

Make first your publisch settings.


If you have made the publisch settings and tested the connection with your hosting than you can create the database for the inlog system.

1)Select new website from template.
2)select : catagorie -->DEMO
3)Select : template with name LOGIN.

4)Make a folder with name: logindemo
5)Save the template as: logindemo

Now you see the template in webbuilder.
6)Read page1 and page 2.
7)Double click on the first login system on page 3 (administrator)

8)Click on create database.
*You see now usersdb.php (do nothing change)
9)click next (volgende)
10)Select the website url-->click next
11)Select the root directorie-->Path (./public/sites/

13)Change in the properties window the database path to ./usersdb.php
14)change the admin password.

15)Open on all other pages the properties windows to change the email address ,colors etc

15)Upload all with the build-in website publisch tool.
16)type the url in your browser and signup for an account or login as administartor.