Nightingale Template for WB

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Nightingale Template for WB

Post by me.prosenjeet » Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:45 pm

View LArge Screenshot here:

1) CMS design
2) Portfolio page
3) Contact page
4) Face Book, Twitter, Linked-in and myspace connectivity
5) Innovative design and structure
6) Successful HTML 4.01 Transitional passed by W3C
7) The template validates as CSS level 2.1 by W3C

Nightingale Template is an all purpose Business Template with innovative design.

You just need to buy me a cup of Tea (USD1.50) to have it....
Reason you should buy me a Tea?
Well, free things have no value and are downloaded just for the heck of it. The tea will help me get some energy and to start off....maybe for a fresh Free template. The tea costs only USD 1.5 . Let me see how many are genuinely interested in the template and not just into free stuff... ;-)

Details and Download here: ... or-wb7-6x/

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