NEXUS BUSINESS Template with Forum for WB

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NEXUS BUSINESS Template with Forum for WB

Post by me.prosenjeet » Mon Aug 22, 2011 8:40 am

NEXUS BUSINESS Template with Forum for WB
Nexus Template is an all purpose Template however specifically suits Business or corporate site.

Nexus is a fully functional termplate, just plug and play. It is a complete website, you just need to edit the texts and images.

-php Blog is installed

-NEW! Fully functional Forum incorporated.

This is a basic but advanced easy to install Forum. The forum amalgamates with the template very well and hence becomes a part of your website. Unlike other forums which look different from your website and also requires lot of configuration, server space and are cumbersome to manage.

This easy to use basic forum doesn’t use SQL database hence can be used by anyone even if he has no knowledge of SQL.

-The template uses the jQuery library.

For Live Demo of the template read on...


1) Professional design and operation
2) Excellent load time
3) Fully functional Forum incorporated
• Fully functional forum
•User registration
•Registration verified by email
•Setting Moderators etc
•Full Admin panel
•Search for posts in forum
•Captcha for posts etc
•Member management
•Add FAQs
•Blocking Bad Words
•Blacklist members
•Set forum online/offline if required
•Create User Groups

4) WB php Blog incorporated
5) Portfolio page
6) Contact page
7) Social Sharing option (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
8 ) The animated menu buttons can be edited as per your need from within the template

Requires WB 7.6.2 or above

Details here: ... r-wb7-6-x/
Live demo of the template available at the above link

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Re: NEXUS BUSINESS Template with Forum for WB7.6.X[paid]

Post by docdoc » Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:44 pm

I like the template. What forum script did you use?

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