Adendum Designed Template #2

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Adendum Designed Template #2

Post by Adendum » Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:30 am

From the same developer that brought you a series of highly acclaimed free extensions (currently 36 in the portfolio) you now have access to a small but growing set of professionally designed and implemented WWB9+ templates. Two down, more to come!
The second in the series WWB9 Template - TWO - £10.00.

Demo / Purchase

Page Styles
This template contains several different styles of page format that can be cloned as required.
There are several standardised page formats for items like a site map and the site search.
All are fully customisable and all elements can therefore be edited as needed.
The site style uses a 6 column setting.

404 Error Page, Full Width Page, Sitemap, Contact, Contact Page with Map, Price Tables, Three columns + Nav, Left Nav, Right Nav, Three columns + Sidebar, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Two columns + Nav + Sidebar, Right Nav with Sidebar and Left Nav with Sidebar.

Master Frames
A single master frame page.

Demo / Purchase
Aditerum - No longer supporting WWB extensions - refer to CJS.
Aditerum - No longer supporting WWB templates - refer to CJS.

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