Adendum Designed Template #4

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Adendum Designed Template #4

Post by Adendum » Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:14 pm

From the same developer that brought you the series of highly acclaimed free extensions (currently 37 in the portfolio) you now have access to a small but growing set of professionally designed and implemented WWB9+ templates.
The fourth in the series is the aptly named WWB9 Template - FOUR - £10.00.

Demo / Purchase

Template Style
The demo/template is styled to make an impact with more colour than I would normally use or suggest anyone uses but because WWB is the most awesome development tool on the planet EVERYTHING is customisable.

Template Content
This template contains 10 pages, most of which contain information about the template itself. So it is worth visiting the demo site and actually reading the content as 90% of it is real content this time! Very little "Lorem Ipsum".

Master Frames
The template uses a Master Frame set up and is designed to cater for the lowest common denominator - 320px wide screens. But thanks to Pablo's jQuery Masonry extension it goes as wide as you will ever need.

Extensions Used and Required
This template uses 3 extensions - all are required to be installed.
1. jQuery Masonry - the official WWB extension. This is the heart of the template!
2. Nicescroll - an Adendum built tool to change the size and colour of a browser's scrollbar.
3. Responsive Multi-Level Menu- a new and EXCLUSIVE extension to manage the navigation within small (or big) screens. This extension is bundled inside the template zip file and needs to be installed manually.

Demo / Purchase

Have fun with it!
Aditerum - No longer supporting WWB extensions - refer to CJS.
Aditerum - No longer supporting WWB templates - refer to CJS.

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