Keyboard malfunction and imagemap/anchor problems

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Keyboard malfunction and imagemap/anchor problems

Post by Beth » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:29 pm

I am new to WYSIWYG webbuilder (V. 12.3.1) and have three problems:

1) On one of my computers, the "S" key will not work, on my other one the "L" doesn't. It's the same for upper or lower case. It's fine if I copy/paste the letter from a clean source, but that's a pain and a problem. Is this a program glitch? (using Win. 7 on both machines)

2) I want to make part of an image scroll to a table row below it. The image is outside of the table in another layer.
I have successfully used both MS FrontPage and Serif WebPlusX for this and it's simlpe, but how can it be done in WYSIWYG 12? The "image map" function does not work that way at all. This is primitive and should be easy.

3) Related to this, the "anchor" function can't be placed where I want it, but insists on seating itself where ever it wants on the chosen table row and blocks out visualization of the row's text. I worked around that by creating a small layer to the side and placing the anchor in that, but now how to get a single part of the image to link to that? How else to do this?

Please see ... r_sale.htm (my current website) for what is desired.

I really want this program to work. I cannot find any instruction in the documention. I don't want to use Javascript or anything else, just plain HTML. Any help is apprecated.

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Re: Keyboard malfunction and imagemap/anchor problems

Post by crispy68 » Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:00 pm

#1 - no clue. I can't see this being an issue with WB. If your copy and pasting text from another source, its best to hold the shift key down while you paste to remove any special formatting. You can also paste it to notepad first and then copy it from notepad and paste it. When you simply copy and paste from another source (website, word, etc.) there may be hidden formatting in the text that wont work properly when pasted into WB.

#2 & #3 - There are a couple ways to achieve scroll to an anchor. You can add the bookmark option and enable smooth scrolling. A layer/layout grid can also be a bookmark depending on your design.

In looking at your page, the 'search by brand' with all the letters is an image thus why you are using an image map. I think this is over complicating it. I would not use an image. I would simply use regular text like:

A - B - C - D - etc.

Then you will want to assign a link to each letter. But, before you do, create the layers below.

For each letter section, I would put the content inside a layout grid. So 'A' would be it's only layer, 'B' would be its own layer, and so on. Then I would add a link to the letters at the top to each layout grid using the bookmark dropdown in the link selection. Here is where you will choose the name of the layer/layout grid. Then on each layout grid, on the bookmark tab, select enable smooth scrolling, duration and easing that you want.

You can use layers but based on that page i would use layout grids so that the text will be responsive on various screen sizes.

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Re: Keyboard malfunction and imagemap/anchor problems

Post by Pablo » Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:57 pm

1) I do not think this directly related to the application. I have never seen or heard about this before.
Maybe you have associated a short cut key to these keys?

2) Instead of he image map you can also place a (transparent) shape on top of the image to create 'hotspots'. This is how your current page does it.

This is your page re-created with WWB: ... _sale.html
Note that it's not perfect, because I have only spend a few minutes trying to duplicated it using the original page as basis.

3) You can place an anchor anywhere you like. However if you drag it inside a table then it will become a child element of that table.
Also note that you can basically use any object on the page as an anchor ,there is no need to place individual anchors objects.
To enable this functionality go to Tools->Options->User Interface->Display all objects in 'Links/Bookmarks'.
See also: ... _sale.html

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Re: Keyboard malfunction and imagemap/anchor problems

Post by Beth » Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:02 pm

Thank you Crispy68 and Pablo. Problems solved!

The reason for the graphic vs. the letters is that by using the plain characters, the seach engines will read them and that is not helpful, especially at the very top of the page.

By Pablo's suggestion, I checked the box in Tools/Options/User interface, used transparent shapes and placed them outside of the table and that did it. This is a great trick that I must have missed. I will use it often.

As to the keyboard malfunction, yes, I had added a keyboard shortcut that interfered. I have since changed that and all is well.

There's so much more to learn and I thank you for the help. :D

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