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CMS admin Home Page coloumn

Post by gwathne » Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:04 pm

I have made a cms based website
It is (unfortunately) in Norwegian, but i have made everything work fine and the system is briliant.
There are 3 things i have on my mind.
1- All plug-ins stopped working. I dont know what made that happen, but after trying different solutions i found that all plug-ins i had tried out was still its upload folder on the server. I deleted them and uploaded the pages again with publish all files and it started working again:)
2- I found that searching for database entries after keywords in the Content field was taking much longer time after i used one of the editors, so i used "html WYSIWYG editor" , found in the windows store, to make html5 documents where the html document contains the image data. Now i can enter search key words in plain text format in the Content field and at the same time link the html document as external URL. Since html5 contains all data in one field it is possible for any user to upload the html file and then link to it in a New Post. Works fine :)
This way the search tool works as fast as possible and the page in htmlformat opens fine :)
3- Question:
When a user is entering the Admin view to edit or add new pages, he can click on "Yes" in the coloumn "Home Page" coloumn. If he does that he changes the main opening page for the whole database to his own page. Is it possible to hide this coloumn at the users Admin vindow?
If any user can click Yes in the Home Page coloumn you never know what the home site looks like when new visitors arrives to the web site...
And you need admin privilegs to change it back to the original Home Page.
Is it possible to fix this?

Best regards
Geir Wathne

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Re: CMS admin Home Page coloumn

Post by Pablo » Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:19 am

1. They may have been a mix-up wit the plugin somehow. I always recommend to do one thing at a time so you can easily go back one step if something does not work.
2. Correct. If you use an editor then more data will be storied in the database. Without an editor only text will be stored. With an editor the HTML and formatting will be stored. The amount of code that is generated depends on the used editor (and browser). ll this database has to be parsed by PHP.
3. I'm sorry, there is currently no way to hide the 'home' option. You can post suggestion in the Suggestions section of this form.

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