an issue with cards on different breakpoints - help

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an issue with cards on different breakpoints - help

Post by longman » Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:10 am

hi guys,

I have three cards in my flex container, Row and Wrap.

On default page they have 30% Flex basis, on 768 breakpoint they have 45% flex basis and on 480 breakpoint they have 100% Flex basis. In order to have 3 cards on default view, 2 cards on 728 view and 1 card on 480 view, in a row.

What is the problem? I should update this page frequently by adding cards, ok? so I simply push "control" key down and drag (copy) a card in the flex container, but this card does not have those flex basis percentages anymore in the breakpoints.

So every time there will be a new (copied) card, I have to go to breakpoints and change their flex basis percentage in those breakpoints, in order for my cards to fit.

I was assuming if I give a Flex basis percentage on different breakpoints to a card, then that card will have/save those percentages in related breakpoints. but unfortunately a copied new card will have the same default breakpoint (30%) for all other breakpoints and this is where the problm is.

I have attached my example file. Please drag a copy of card to the same container (will be 4th card) and then you will see on breakpoint 768 that they are not fit.

File ... 1691f.html

Hope there can be a solution.

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Re: an issue with cards on different breakpoints - help

Post by Pablo » Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:41 am

I'm sorry, the flex properties of breakpoints will not be copied. It will be very complicated to implement this functionality because of the many possible different variations/combination of other objects on the same page (in different breakpoints).

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