Responsive Web Design: few questions

Questions related to the Responsive Web Design tools of WYSIWYG Web Builder.
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Responsive Web Design: few questions

Post by lelis » Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:17 am

Hi, I'm trying to use breakspoints (three), I've few related question:
1: Navigation
How to implement easelly navigation between different pages and different sizes when some of elements are
not possible to change their size? I've tested Buttons (jquery) but when we change size the
the Font Size is always the same. One "heavy" solution is to use Buttons with an external text.
2: In general: grid or layers ?
I've done tests with Grids solution. In my opinion that is a nice solution for pages including
essentially texts and images. I'm designing largely interactive with a lot of button, sliders, spinners etc.
Some these elements are only "full width" ?. The FlexBox Container could be implement as <div> and another
types as <classe>. Now I'm testing design using Layers. What is the best solutions in my case ?
3: Is it possible to "refresh" design that means: I'm starting and publishing with first version, after do some
modifications and published it, now I would like to come back for my first version but the second is always
there ?? The solution to remove modified element and start from beginning.
Thanks for help.

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Re: Responsive Web Design: few questions

Post by Pablo » Sun Jul 05, 2020 11:30 am

1. There are many responsive menus available. But you can also use different menu is breakpoints.

2. You can use layout grids for flexible layouts or layers for fixed layout. Note that layers are not necessarily meant for responsive layouts. You can also implement absolute/fixed layouts without layers.
Related tutorial:

3. You have full control over the content of your web pages. If you want to change something then you can do so.

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