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Code problem

Post by me.prosenjeet » Tue Apr 10, 2018 3:50 pm

I have a php page which when I am executing, I am getting the following error on one of the lines.
I quote the error message:

Code: Select all

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home1/lucknow/public_html/folder1name/folder2name/index.php on line 183
Here is the line which has this error. Anyone can please point out where is the mistake?
if($settingObj->getShowFirstFilledMonth()==0){?>var newday=new Date();<?php}else{?>var newday=new Date(<?php echo $calendarObj->getFirstFilledMonth($calendarObj->getCalendarId());?>);<?php}?>var booking_day_white_bg='<?php echo $settingObj->getDayWhiteBg(); ?>';var booking_day_white_bg_hover='<?php echo $settingObj->getDayWhiteBgHover(); ?>';var booking_day_white_line1_color='<?php echo $settingObj->getDayWhiteLine1Color(); ?>';var booking_day_white_line1_color_hover='<?php echo $settingObj->getDayWhiteLine1ColorHover(); ?>';var booking_day_white_line2_color='<?php echo $settingObj->getDayWhiteLine2Color(); ?>';var booking_day_white_line2_color_hover='<?php echo $settingObj->getDayWhiteLine2ColorHover(); ?>';var booking_day_white_line2_bg='<?php echo $settingObj->getDayWhiteLine2Bg(); ?>';var booking_day_white_line2_bg_hover='<?php echo $settingObj->getDayWhiteLine2BgHover(); ?>';var booking_recaptcha_style='<?php echo $settingObj->getRecaptchaStyle(); ?>';$(function(){$('#back_today').fadeOut(0);getMonthCalendar((newday.getMonth()+1),newday.getFullYear(),'<?php echo $calendarObj->getCalendarId(); ?>','<?php echo $publickey; ?>');
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