MS OUTLOOK 365 - Second Email Address?

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MS OUTLOOK 365 - Second Email Address?

Post by ColinM » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:49 pm

Hi All,

This refers to seamless transition of emails when migrating a Client from an existing Website Manager/Platform and deals with seamless migration of one or more existing domain name derived POP/IMAP email accounts:

Prior to Outlook 365, I used to create a second occurrence of a Client's email address with the new server / password details. Outlook would happily create this "duplicate" email folder. For example, if the Client's existing platform email address was , it would create .

This way, when I swap the Name Server records to my platform to point to the Zone File as part of migration/propagation, the MX and other associated records would gradually (as part of the propagation process) stop delivering emails into the "old" email address and start delivering them to the "new" one.

Then it was a simple matter of dragging the folders from the old to the new (small number of emails) or copying in the pst (POP) or ost (IMAP) data files.

THE PROBLEM - Tried to create a second occurrence of the email account with MS Outlook 365 and it simply says this account already exists and prevents creation.

Anyone know a solution to that please?
Yours truly
Colin M
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