Inline Frame/ FTP vs PHP File Listing

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Inline Frame/ FTP vs PHP File Listing

Post by robertgroff83 » Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:01 pm


This is a strange request however here is the scenario:

Setup: I have a open anonymous authentication FTP folder where any user can drop a file into it. The files happen to be saved emails from Outlook 365 which save as .msg files. I am trying to eliminate the hassle of changing the file type while saving. (I know you can save as a .txt file)
End Goal: Have the files displayed on the site automatically.

What I have tried:
1. I tried using the PHP File listing which does list the files however does not act like it recognizes the fact that it should open in Outlook so it shows a 404 error. The PHP file listing does work just fine with other files just not .msg. We also considered running a Macro to change the .msg files after saved into .txt files however the conversion doesn't apparently work the same as when saving directly from Outlook as it displays garbage after the conversion.

2. I tried using an inline frame with the FTP site as the external site. This does work in IE however Mozilla and Chrome it does not, just shows a blank display inside the inline frame.

Does anyone have any suggestions or alternatives we could use to display these files automatically without much HTML coding involved?

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