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Modal Popup with a diference

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:58 am
by RiaanN
Adding a modal popup to your website is easy, but there are limitations to it in the sense that if you want to disable the popup, you will have to remove it in WB, publish the files to a folder, and then upload the new files to your ISP.

Is there a way to (3 party software) that you guys know about that can be integrated to your website that will work like a CMS type of function where you can create a "message" that will show as a modal. My aim is to be able to activate a message to be displayed to the site users on an ad-hoc basis, easy to change and without the need to re-publish the entire site.

Is that even possible ?

Pablo / Beacon fries - Please move to suggestions if you feel his may be something that can be added to WB in the future, that is of cause provided that such a function is indeed possible.