Nested Fullscreen Menu extension released (paid)

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Nested Fullscreen Menu extension released (paid)

Post by Pablo » Fri Dec 11, 2020 10:27 am

The Nested Fullscreen Menu is a colorful multi-level fullscreen menu (main + sub items) with animations.
The menu is triggered by a hamburger icon. Main menu items can have a different color. Built-in Icon library support, like Font Awesome, Material Icons, IonIcons etc. Icons can also be published as embedded SVG to keep the page weight low.


Demo: ... nmenu.html

More information: ... nmenu.html

The demo version can be downloaded via the Extension Manager (Menu->Tools->Extension Manager->Online Gallery->Navigation).

Note that this is a commercial extension, is is not free. The demo is fully functionality, however the properties will not be saved.

The price is $7.95 ... T=1&CARD=1