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WWB9 and WWB10 upgrade information

Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:34 am
by Pablo
WYSIWYG Web Builder has more than 150 new features and thousands of new options.
When implementing new features or moving to newer technologies it's not also possible to keep existing features working exactly the same way as they did in older versions.
Some underlying components or code may have become obsolete or has been replaced by other (more modern) technologies.
We do not always have control over this. But we want to keep up with the latest HTML standards and be as 'future proof' as possible.

Here is a list of changes that you should be aware of:

Removed functionality
- Removed IE scrollbars, no longer supported by modern browsers.
- Removed IE Page Transition, no longer supported by modern browsers.
- Removed IE background sound, no longer supported by modern browsers.
- Removed ActiveX support. Security risk. No longer supported by modern browsers.
- Removed MySpace blog support from News Feed Ticker (it will automatically be converted to a standard RSS feed).

The "Master Page" object now called "Master Objects". Many users found the old name confusing because it actually embeds the objects of another page and not the page itself.

"Page weight" has been moved from the Tools menu to the Page menu.

The IE pngfix has been removed. It is no longer required for IE7 and newer.
If you really want to support prehistoric versions of IE then there is a PNG Fix extension available in the Extension Manager. ... ile_id=279

In previously versions the CMS admin only supported login of admins, so the username was not necessary.
However the cms admin now supports built-in user management so it no longer depends on the login tools.
To make this possible we had to add a username field to the login form. This means that administrator now will have to enter 'admin' as the user name.
Note that leaving the user name empty will also default to 'admin'.

CMS File Manager
In previously versions the File Manager was integrated in the CMS Admin script.
In the new version the File Manager is a plug-in. This makes it possible to disable it or replace it with another file manager and even modify the entire behavior of the file manager (for advanced users!).
So if you want to use the File Manager you need to enable the 'file manager' plugin in the CMS Admin properties:

This also means that it is no longer possible to edit the 'Asset Folder' of the File Manager in the CMS Admin Properties.
Instead you can modify the folder by editing the file
\Documents\WYSIWYG Web Builder\system\plugins\filemanager\adminform.php
(change the line: $asset_folder = './files/';)

Ribbon Interface
WWB9 now supports the Ribbon Interface.
If you rather prefer the menu and toolbars then you can switch back to the classic looks via Tools->Options->Miscellaneous->Interface.
Note however that many of the new features like palette galleries (to quickly select shapes, textures, colors etc) and context tabs will not be available in that case.

Recently Twitter has discontinue their unauthenticated v1.0 API. This means that it is no longer possible to get Twitter data without authentication.
The News Feed Ticker has been redesigned to make use of the new Twitter authentication v1.1 API.
Please read the help for more details about Twitter API authentication.

CSS menu
The CSS menu has been completely redesigned. It now has more than 50 new options and support sub levels.
One side effect of the multi level support is that is now synchronizes the entire Site Manager tree instead of just one level, just like the menu bar.
Some user have asks us if we can also add support for level selection, so we try to add this in a future update.

The blog has been redesign to be more SEO friendly. The blog items are now embedded in the current page instead of being displayed inside an inline frame.
To make this possible we had to move the RSS icon from the top to the bottom of the blog. This will not have any effect on the behavior of the RSS feed itself.

In version 9 we have upgraded to jQuery 1.9.1. This may have impact on some extensions that rely on older versions of jQuery.
If an extension no longer works correctly then you can switch back to the old version of jQuery (1.7.2) in the Page Properties->Miscellaneous->jQuery Version.
All internal scripts currently work with both versions.

jQuery UI
We have upgraded to a newer version of jQuery UI. All internal jQuery UI widgets have been redesigned to make use of the new API.
This also affects jQuery UI themes. If you have created your own theme(s) then you need to regenerate the theme so it will be converted to the new format:
1) Open the jQuery UI Theme Manager
2) Select your the theme and click 'Edit'
3) Click 'Save'

NOTE: Themes that were created on the Theme Roller website also need to be updated! (use jQuery UI 1.10)

See the notes in the jQuery section above.

HTML beautifier
The HTML beautifier option formats the HTML code so it looks better and is easier to read.
This option will affect all HTML on the page. Including custom adding code and code generated by extensions!
HTML beautifier only with valid HTML code, so this means that if your code or the code of a third party extension is invalid then there may be errors in the output.
So (more than ever) it's very important to only include valid HTML code.

Many users use shapes (rectangles or rounded rectangles) for backgrounds or other layout purposes.
Now in version 9 you can also select to publish these shapes as standard CSS3. This may give your pages a speed boost because the browser no longer needs to load large images!
In the Shape's properties select Publish->Format->Publish as CSS3.

If you experience different behavior of features compared to older versions of the software then first check the help. Most features have been well documented in the help.

If you are updating an existing website then make sure that you republish all files.
Many scripts and other assets have been updated, so to make sure all old files on the server will be overwritten by the new versions!