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Agenda (PAID)

Agenda is a simple event viewer where all events (date, time, title and description) are displayed in a responsive list. Agenda does not use any third party script and was implemented with standard JavaScript (no jQuery). The events can be loaded from different data sources (MYSQL, CSV, JSON, MDB) or configured directly via the extension’s properties. Note: this uses the same format as the Calendar extensions.

A clean way to display events: date, time, title and description.
Load events from MySQL, CSV, MS Access (MDB) or JSON.
Configure events directly via the properties of the extension.
Configure week start (Sunday or Monday)
Desktop and Mobile (stacked) layout.
Link events to local pages or external websites.

Download demo version (save disabled)
Agenda Extension

WYSIWYG Web Builder 16 or higher
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Desktop layout
Mobile layout
This extension is also part of the Data Extensions Pack 4 which includes 8 extensions for only $19.95!