HTML TextBox Extension - Version 1.6

The HTML Text extension was designed as an alternative for the standard text object in WYSIWYG Web Builder. Although the standard text object is good enough for most text operations, sometimes web designers want their text formatted like in a word-processor. This extension is basically a complete WYSIWYG HTML editor wrapped inside an extension! You can switch between WYSIWYG design mode and HTML mode. Any changes you make in HTML mode will be directly visible in design mode.

But… although this is probably the most advanced and powerful extension we’ve ever created, please remember that this is not a replacement for WYSIWYG Web Builder, it's just an extension!

Important Note:
This extension is experimental and is not an official part of WYSIWYG Web Builder! It was created for my personal use but I have decided to share it for those users that find it useful. It is provided  "AS IS" and does not come with support.
It's probably only useful for advanced users, so use it at your own risk!

Word processor-like editor
Font formatting: type, size, color, style, bold, italic, etc
Text formatting: alignment, indentation, bullets list, etc
Hyperlink and bookmark support
Add, edit or delete links
Anchors support
Right click context menus support
Advanced Table support (insert, delete, merge and split tables cells).
Visually resize table columns and rows.
Support for nested tables.
'Live' inline frames.
Insert, resize and delete images
Image properties: size, border, alternative text, alignment, etc.
Insert forms and form elements, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, select fields (dropdown menus and lists), text area, image buttons etc.
Copy, paste of all document elements (copy/paste contents from Internet Explorer, Word etc).
Drag & Drop of formatted content external applications such as Word, Excel, Front Page etc.
Increase / decrease indent of paragraphs.
Aligned images text wrapping
Switch between WYSIWYG and source code mode.
Search/replace in WYSIWYG and HTML
Syntax highlighting in source mode makes it easier to edit your HTML directly.
and much more!
Download (Last update: August 5, 2015)
HTML TextBox Extension

WYSIWYG Web Builder 9.0 or higher.
Internet Explorer 8 of higher.