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jQuery Portlets  (DEPRECATED)

With this extension you can create your own iGoogle or Netvibes website...
Portlets are containers for information. They may hold RSS feeds; News; Twitter feeds;  Weather Reports, or simply contain text, images or other HTML. Virtually any type of information can be held in a portlet with help of jQuery's built-in AJAX support.
Portlets can be sorted into various positions to suit the visitors personal preference.

Key Features
All required code will be automatically generated for you!
Edit the content of the panes using the feature rich HTML editor (the HTML TextBox extension).
Portlets can be sorted through via drag & drop.
The order of the Portlets will be saved in a cookie, so the next time the user visits the page, thye will be in the same order.
Portlets can be expanded/collapsed.
Since we are using jQuery you can make use of its powerful AJAX features.
Slide animation for hiding and showing portlets.
Supports ThemeRoller themes, so you can easily modify the appearance of the Portlets.a
Download (Last update: February 2, 2011)
jQuery Portlets Extension