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jQuery Toolkit - Version 1.0

With the jQuery UI Toolkit extension you can add powerful jQuery UI features to your website with just a few mouse clicks! This extension is nothing more than a wrapper around the standard features of jQuery UI. But instead of having to write the code yourself, this extension does it for you based on the selected options.

This extension implements ‘Interactions’ such as drag & drop, sorting and the like. jQuery UI’s interactions add advanced behavior to your pages that relate to the use of the mouse pointer.

The following interactions are available in this extension:
Draggable; Makes an object draggable.
Droppable; Make the object a drop target for draggable objects.
Resizable; Makes an object resizable.
Selectable; Makes a list of objects mouse selectable by dragging a box or clicking on them.
Sortable; Makes a list of items sortable.

Note that the idea behind this extension is not to implement full working solutions, but to provide tools so you can implement them yourself. For advanced users only!
Download (Last update: March 14, 2011)
jQuery Toolkit Extension