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NOP Shopping Cart

This extension is a ‘wrapper’ for NOP's Free Shopping Cart:
NOP’s Shopping Cart is a client-sided cart implemented with JavaScript. The cart itself does not need CGI or PHP on the server. However for checkout you may need PHP or an external payment processor.

Client-side scripting -- no CGI/PHP required for the cart.
No database required.
Unlimited products.
Product quantity selection.
Product ID, Name/Description, and amounts passed.
Shipping Costs.
Multiple Additional information fields (ie. color, size, etc).
Regional Tax Costs.
Configurable for almost every currency type.
Minimum order, configure a minimum purchase amount before users are allowed to checkout.
19 Languages supported.
3rd Party Payment Processor support: PayPal,, WorldPay, LinkPoint.
NOP cart is free for personal and commercial use!

Special features of the WWB extension (added by the WYSIWYG Web Builder team):
The extension makes adding/editing/removing products very easy.
All properties can be modified visually.
Added lightbox to display a larger version of the product image.
View cart will be displayed as popup in a lightbox so the user does not need to leave the page to view the content of the cart.
Checkout is integrated in the 'view cart'
Easily add other payment processors or use the built-in order processing script.
Download (Last update: October 29, 2013)
NOP Shopping Cart Extension