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PHP Guestbook - Version 4.3

This extension adds a simple PHP guestbook to your website.
Adding a PHP guestbook to your website has never been easier!

•   No database is required, a text file is used to store the messages on the webserver.
•   Password protected admin area to delete or ban posts and check the ip address.
•   BBCode support.
•   Easily change text strings, fonts, colors and other style properties of the guestbook.
•   Uses an inline frame to display it’s contents, so you can put it anywhere in your website!
•   Customizable date format.
•   Captcha (Image Verification) to verify Human user submission and block automated spam.
Email notification when someone has signed the guestbook.
•   Hide my email address option.
•   Anti-spam features: Admin approval, Email validation or Automatic.
•   Paginate option, show only x items per page.
•   Support for Smileys
•   reCAPTCHA v2 support
Download (Last update: June 30, 2017)
PHP Guestbook Extension