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Introduction to creating web pages

Are you thinking about creating Web pages? This section will outline some important considerations.

Plan Web Pages
Planning is essential for creating a Web site, whether your site consists of one page or many.
Decide what you want to accomplish with your Web pages. Decide on a main topic or theme for your Web pages.

Gather Information
Collect the information you want to include on your Web pages, such as text, images etc.

Organize information
Divide the information you gathered into sections. Each section should be a seperate Web page.

Home Page
The home page is the main page in a Web site. The home page is usually the first page people see when they visit a website. Always include a brief summary of your Web pages on the home page.
Your home page should include a table of contents that lists the information contained in your web site. You should include links that allow readers to quickly access information of interest.
WYSIWYG Web Builder includes several tools to easily create a table of contents like the navigationbar, menubar or the go menu.
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1. Study other web sites.

Before you start creating your Web Pages take a close look at some of your favorite web sites. Determine what you like about them and conmsider how you can use these ideas on your pages.

2. Put important information first
Always display the most important information at the top of each page. Some users will not scroll through a web page to read all the information.

3. Transfer speed
When creating your pages, try to keep the file size of the pages and images as small as possible. This will speed up the display of your web pages by reducing the time it takes for the information to transfer from the server to the browser. Resizing image in Web Builder does not make them smaller in size, so use your favorite image editor to resizing the image to the correct size.

4. Test your web site in different browsers.
Sometimes when a page looks good in one browser it might not be displayed the same in other browsers.