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Auto Complete

Autocomplete can replace a standard editbox. It enables users to quickly find and select from a pre-populated list of values as they type. The list can be either local or from a remote location (AJAX)

The Autocomplete object is based on the Autocomplete Widget of the jQuery UI library:
But there is also a Bootstrap inspired version which is more lightweight because it does not depend on jQuery and jQuery UI!

Data Source

Specifies the source for the auto complete items.

· Local
Uses an local array as the data source. The items can be added, edited or removed by using the 'Add', 'Edit and Remove' buttons.
It's also possible to import pre-defined values like days of the week, months or countries.

· Remote
Select this option if you want to get the data from an external data source, like a database. You must also specify the URL in this case. This option is for advanced user only!

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